We have qualified & experienced testing engineers. We do manual as well as automated testing. We use sophisticated testing tools.
Our Quality Policy

Quality policy forms the part of organization’s integral business plan and strategy. The salient features are enumerated as:

1. Consistent Quality and on time delivery that leads to customer’s delight.
2. Leadership through competitive process and professional experience.
3. Continual innovation and continual improvement.
4. Involvement of people at all levels internally and externally.
5. Preserve and protect valuable, proprietary and confidential information and physical assets from unauthorized access or disclosure.
6. To move towards CMMI-Level 5.
Our Quality Objectives

The primary concern of the organization is:

1. Enhancing Customer satisfaction.
2. Improved compliance to planned schedules.
3. Reduce number of errors in the software created.
4. Continual professional development.
5. Increase productivity of the team members developing software.
6. The Quality objectives measurement method is documented. Quality objectives are reviewed in Management Review meeting.
APV is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company

Our quality standards are based on CMMI- Level 3.

Each project undertaken by APV undergoes constant quality control by our dedicated quality assurance staff. Our QA team monitors project activities and certifies each development phase.

We use softwares Quality Management Systems to:

1. Define conventions and practices for carrying out tasks efficiently.
2. Standardize and certify various document formats.